Scott Cunningham is a internet publishing pioneer, technology executive, and entrepreneur.  He founded the IAB Technology Laboratory, the digital advertising and marketing industry’s central technical standards body and was the architect of many programs operated by the Trustworthy Accountability Group, the organization established to root out fraud and other crimes from the digital advertising supply chain.

Cunningham authored “We Messed Up”, introducing the L.E.A.N. ads principles focusing on enhancing user experience of digital publishing and advertising. Under his leadership of the IAB Technology Laboratory, the industry body established the D.E.A.L. program for content owners to engage users of ad blocking installations as a method for small businesses of the independent web.   Additionally, the Tech Lab has been at the forefront of user experience practices under L.E.A.N., it has authored marketer and publisher viewability white papers, migrated all of the industry ad product portfolio from Flash to HTML5, and developed numerous tools and protocols such as the HTML5 Ad Products validators and now the ads.txt initiative with TAG.

Prior to his work for the global industry bodies, Cunningham was head of product for Federated Media Publishing/Sovrn overseeing the advertising technology exchange and direct marketer to publisher native advertising products. Cunningham was previously head of technology for Digital First Media overseeing platforms and products for 200 local news titles, 800 digital products with 70 million unique users.  In additional to his technology architecture and direction, he has covered Super Bowls, Olympics, wildfires and was embedded with FEMA during Hurricane Katrina.  His work in digital publishing dates back to 1994 including 10 years as one of the original architects of and many Gannett editorial and commerce solutions.

Additionally, Cunningham is owner of myHabitus, LLC, a kids digital lifestyle platform helping kids and parents manage wellness in the healthy habit making years and he is an advisor on mHealth initiatives at the University of Colorado.