The C.T. Scan by Cunningham.Tech is a digital health “Brand Safe” analysis of how an organization performs operating marketing and advertising supply chain quality controls. We perform a high level, 360 degree image of your operation and validate the findings against industry best practices. Regardless of where your organization sits in the supply chain from Buyers to Sellers, Creative Shops, Marketing Tech and Advertising Tech, your organization can be analyzed for cross screen quality controls. The multipoint scan checklist includes:

  • End User/Customer Experience. Is your organization prepared for addressing increasing ad blocking rates?
  • Viewability and measurability. Is your organization operating under general best practices to improve viewability?
  • Anti-Fraud measures, industry certifications, and guidance on auditors.
  • Anti-Malware measures, industry certifications and guidance on auditors.
  • Anti-Piracy measures, industry certifications and guidance on auditors.
  • Vendor validation. Do your vendors offer a complete set of signal audits and are you using them correctly? Includes Viewability and Invalid Traffic detection filtering. We will scan your reports.
  • One-hop partner peering. Do your partnerships on each side of you in the supply chain have quality controls supporting the above?

Once the CT Scan is complete, we provide a 1-2 page executive summary of areas of improvement and quality assurance. Additionally, you will receive the CT Scan seal and scan date for validation of last scan.  C-Level and senior leadership find the C.T. Scan helpful in understanding where their organization falls short in compliance and controls.

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