We are a network of trusted user experience designers, engineers, data and security analysts, advertising and publishing operations, and general management executives can help advise on many of digital’s most challenging problems.

Marketing and Advertising

  • MarTech and AdTech build, vendor selections, convergence
  • Digital Agency, Audience Extension
  • Cross Device Programmatic Buying and Selling
  • Data Strategy
  • DMP Strategy and Selection

Trustworthy and Transparent Media and Operations

  • Digital Advertising Supply Chain B2B Transparency Analysis
  • Anti-Fraud Measures and Cleansing Recommendations
  • Anti-Piracy Security
  • Malware Security
  • Vendor Management
  • TAG Certification Advising (Trustworthy Accountability Group)


  • Content Management Systems
  • Editorial Workflows
  • Responsive Design and Development
  • Mobile iOS and Android App
  • User Experience Analysis
  • Audience Development (including organic, verified sourcing)
  • Social & Mobile Strategy
  • Advertising Yield Management
  • Data Strategy
  • Ad Blocking Analysis and Recommendations
  • E-commerce, Subscriptions Solutions
  • Vendor Reviews & Recommendations

General Executive Business of Technology and Technology Management 

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Market Entry
  • Product Strategy and Roadmap
  • Project Management Office
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Leadership and Organizational Training

Skills/Topics: Viewability, Native Advertising, RTB, DSP, SSP, Corporate Information Security, Enterprise Architecture, Shared Services, Project Management, Policy compliance, Open Source and Standards Development Frameworks (IAB/W3C), User Experience Applications, Public API’s, Business Requirements Gathering and Translation, Implementation and Integration, Software as a Service, Agile Methodologies, Organizational branding, Multi-channel web, social, mobile marketing, New media technology research, CSS, HTML, XHTML, SEO/M, Android, iOS, Microsoft platforms, Analytics.

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